Preschool Cleaner Singapore Wide

• Sweeping and vacuuming of floors
• Mopping of floors
• Sanitising table tops & chairs
• Wiping of entrance door
• Wiping of tables, shelves, cubbies (classrooms/ office/Welcome Area)
• Wiping mirrors in all toilets & classrooms
• Wiping of glass panels
• Washing all sinks, toilets and toilet mats
• Throwing away of rubbish (kitchens/ classrooms/ diaper bins/ Office or principal rooms

The importance of maintaining high standards of hygiene to minimise the risk of HFMD cannot be overlooked. We believe that every childcare centre should provide a hygienic and sanitised environment to ensure the safety of both kids’ and teachers.

ESP Cleaning Services has an experienced cleaning specialist team to deal specifically with the cleaning of childcares. We will perform thorough cleaning and disinfecting of every nook and cranny and tackle any contaminated waste appropriately.

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