5 Tips for Efficient Post-Renovation Cleaning

It is a well-known fact that things can get a little worn down over time. The same goes for your home. After years of living it in, it might not look as pristine as it once did. That’s when embarking on a renovation journey becomes necessary. Renovating your home can improve its appearance, make it more comfortable and functional, and can also help to increase the value of your property.

But renovating your home will not instantly transform it into a stunning abode. After every renovation project, you are left with a lot of clutter, and construction debris that needs to be removed. This article covers a few tips for efficient post-renovation cleaning so that you’re ready to move in.

1. Using the Right Cleaning Products

Post-renovation requires a lot of cleaning to be done. Not only do you have to deal with the physical work of cleaning and updating your home, but you also have to make sure that you are using the right cleaning tools and products. This is because using the wrong ones in your post-renovation cleaning can do more harm than good. 

You need to choose cleaning tools and products that are specifically designed for the area or surface you are going to clean. There are many different types of cleaners, sealants, and polishes on the market. However, not all of them are versatile enough to work on multiple surfaces. Make sure you read the labels carefully to find products that are safe for the materials and surfaces you are trying to clean.

2. Ensuring Safety While Cleaning

During post-renovation cleaning, it is important to ensure safety. There can be chemicals and other hazardous materials left on the floor that were used during the renovation process. These can be dangerous if not removed efficiently. Moreover, dust and debris can also cause respiratory problems if not cleaned up properly. 

By taking some simple precautions, you can ensure your safety while cleaning your newly renovated home. Wearing gloves when cleaning can protect your hands from sharp edges and hazardous materials. Also, wear a dust mask to avoid breathing in dust and debris. Most importantly, when using cleaners and chemicals, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. 

3. Cleaning Upholstery

Cleaning upholstery is often overlooked during post-renovation cleaning, but it is actually one of the most important steps. Upholstery can trap a lot of dust and dirt, which can lead to allergies and other respiratory issues. Furthermore, if not cleaned properly, upholstered furniture can quickly start to look worn and dirty due to all the accumulated dust and pet dander.

You need to use the right cleaners and techniques to wash your upholstery to not end up ruining it. But washing isn’t the only way to keep your upholstery clean. From utilising cleaning sprays to vacuuming, there are many methods to leverage to keep things looking new. Since cleaning upholstery can be a daunting task, hence, you might want to consider a professional upholstery cleaning service for the number of benefits it offers. We, at ESP Cleaning Services in Singapore, can help you with upholstery cleaning as we have the required knowledge and expertise and are equipped with the right cleaning technology.

4. Cleaning Walls

Walls should not be ignored during the post-renovation cleaning process as there can be dirt, dust, or debris left behind. Proper cleaning helps them keep looking clean and new. Additionally, this will help improve indoor air quality and prevent potential health problems associated with breathing in dust particles. Cleaning walls thoroughly and consistently can also prolong the cleanliness and sturdiness of your walls. 

5. Disinfecting Surfaces

Once you are done with post-renovation cleaning, don’t forget to disinfect surfaces. Renovation often leads to a lot of dust and dirt, which can land on surfaces and potentially result in the spread of bacteria or other pathogens. Many construction materials, such as wood, are porous and can trap contaminants, which makes them difficult to clean and disinfect properly. Therefore, it is important to use a reliable disinfectant on all surfaces after a renovation project or engage in our professional disinfection services in Singapore to help prevent the spread of bacteria or viruses.

Get Your Space Move-In Ready with Our Professional Post-Renovation Cleaning Services

To save the time and energy required for post-renovation cleaning while ensuring the space looks spick and span, you can consider getting your space cleaned by hiring a professional cleaning service due to its many advantages.

We, at ESP Cleaning in Singapore, can offer you the required help to make your renovated space look clean and liveable so that you can enjoy your new space without hassle. Our post-renovation cleaning services are offered by trained staff who use quality products and tested technology to quickly clean your newly renovated home or office. Our cleaning services include everything from sweeping, vacuuming, wiping off the floor and hard surfaces, cleaning windows, electronics, appliances and decorative items to cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. Not only this, but we can also disinfect hard surfaces to ensure that no bacteria or contaminants are left behind.

Whether it’s your newly renovated home or office, contact us today so that we can make it look new again through our professional post-renovation cleaning services.

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