December 5, 2020News

Reduce Workplace Absences with a Sanitary Environment

Being a business owner it’s quite natural to be irritated with a high rate of absence, but have you ever thought why it is occurring? Few people are not dedicated enough to their work, but when most of your employees are taking ...

November 30, 2020News

Top Six Benefits of Professional Office Cleaning Service

People in Singapore spend most of their time in their offices working, so a clean and healthy environment is a need for every office. Most people think vacuuming and emptying the bins are only needed for a clean office, but removi...

November 25, 2020News

Easy Methods to Clean Your Carpet

A carpet is a great addition to any office to enhance its aesthetic, but keeping it clean and tidy can be tough. Taking care of your rug and carpet at home and taking care of the same in commercial properties is a lot different. M...

November 21, 2020News

The Importance of Regular Office Cleaning

Maintaining cleanliness in the workplace is of utmost importance, which has a substantial impact on business. Your office appearance paints a picture of the professionalism of a company in their client’s mind when they walk into...

November 17, 2020News

A Comprehensive Guide on Office Cleaning

For most of us, the office is our second home, and a clean, organized office enhances our productivity as well. A clean office doesn’t only mean a clean look to the eye, it’s more than that. A clean office means decluttere...

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