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Gym Cleaning Singapore

• Cleaning of hard surfaces such as tables
• Disinfecting the furniture in the lounge
• Cleaning of mirrors and windows to be clear of handprints and dust.
• Drying of furniture with a clean cloth
• Cleaning floor and ceiling surfaces (reachable height)

• Cleaning of interior and exterior of lockers

• Cleaning and disinfecting all cabinets in the receptionist area
• Cleaning of mirrors and windows to be clear of handprints and dust.
• Dusting of cabinets
• Wiping all areas of cabinets dry
• Cleaning floor surfaces
• Cleaning of ceiling corners, to be dust-free

• Cleaning of toilets, urinals, wash basin, including wall surfaces
• Disinfecting urinal and toilet bowls
• Cleaning of mirrors and windows to be clear of handprints and dust.
• Cleaning of interior and exterior of lockers, including shoe lockers, to be dust-free at all edges
• Cleaning all locker louvres to ensure it is dust free.
• Cleaning of shower areas, including wall surfaces, with no bleach
• Cleaning of shower cubicle doors, metal door hinges, and drainage
• Cleaning of shoe racks, changing room areas
• Cleaning of vanity areas, including the interior of vanity boxes and all countertop surfaces
• Cleaning of ceiling corners
• Drying of areas
• All reachable ceiling louvres to be dusted and cleaned
• Cleaning of steam and suana rooms including floors and walls

• Floor to be vacuumed, mopped, and disinfected
• All gym equipment to be cleaned and disinfected
• Cleaning of all wall mirrors and ceiling louvres
• Wiping dry after cleaning
• Cleaning of all towel shelving

• Cleaning of storage racks
• Wiping dry after.
• Cleaning of all cabinets and storage spaces (interior/exterior)
• Cleaning of floor.
• All ceiling corners to be dust-free

• Walkway flooring to be cleaned thoroughly on all edges
• Louvers to be cleaned and dusted,

ESP Cleaning Services provides one-stop cleaning solutions that will take care of your entire gym. Given the intense activities that take place in a gym, the gym can be very easy for germs, mildew, mould and bacteria to thrive.

With our help, your clients will have a clean and hygienic environment to work out in, and work-out equipment can be maintained in tiptop conditions.

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