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Welcome to ESP Cleaning Services, the trusted provider of school cleaning services in Singapore. We recognise the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in schools, especially preschools and childcare centres. A clean and hygienic environment is fundamental for fostering healthy learning conditions and ensuring the safety of our young students.

Preschool Cleaning Services In Singapore

Here’s what’s included in our school cleaning services in Singapore

• Sweeping and vacuuming of floors
• Mopping of floors
• Sanitising table tops & chairs
• Wiping of entrance door
• Wiping of tables, shelves, cubbies (classrooms/ office/Welcome Area)
• Wiping mirrors in all toilets & classrooms
• Wiping of glass panels
• Washing all sinks, toilets and toilet mats
• Throwing away of rubbish (kitchens/ classrooms/ diaper bins/ Office or principal rooms

As a school cleaning company, we also provide disinfection services in Singapore, a popular choice to ensure the safety of preschools in light of Covid-19.

The importance of maintaining high standards of hygiene to minimise the risk of HFMD cannot be overlooked. We believe that every childcare centre should provide a hygienic and sanitised environment to ensure the safety of both kids’ and teachers.

At ESP, we uphold rigorous hygiene standards, setting us apart in professional school cleaning services. Our trained staff, strict quality control measures, and unwavering compliance with health and safety regulations cater to the unique needs of learning institutions, contributing to a safer and more conducive environment for students. Maintaining high standards is not just our goal; it's our commitment.

ESP Cleaning Services has an experienced cleaning specialist team providing professional commercial cleaning services to deal specifically with the cleaning of childcares. We will perform thorough cleaning and disinfecting of every nook and cranny and tackle any contaminated waste appropriately. We specialise in thorough cleaning and disinfecting of school premises, offering comprehensive school cleaning services in Singapore trusted by many.

Each step of our cleaning process contributes to the overall cleanliness of the schools, from vacuuming and mopping floors to disinfecting toilets. Additionally, we provide specialised services like carpet cleaning and garden management to maintain a clean and aesthetic exterior.

Allergen Control In Our School Cleaning Services In Singapore

Allergen control is another vital aspect of our private school cleaning services. Our school cleaning contractors use HEPA filter vacuum cleaners for dusting and other cleaning methods to minimise allergens in the school environment. We also use child-safe, eco-friendly cleaning products, ensuring a safe environment promoting the health and well-being of all students.

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Frequently Asked Questions About School Cleaning Services In Singapore

What Materials Are Used To Clean A School?

Professional school cleaning services typically use a variety of materials, including cleaning agents, disinfectants, microfiber cloths, mop heads, vacuum cleaners, brooms, and specialised equipment. The specific materials used may vary depending on the cleaning needs and preferences of the school and the cleaning service.

How Much Does A School Professional Cleaning Service In Singapore Cost?

The cost of a professional cleaning service for a school can vary widely based on factors such as the size of the school, the frequency of cleaning, the level of detail required, and the location.

On average, school cleaning services can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month. It’s best to contact cleaning companies in your area for accurate cost estimates.

Why Is It Important To Hire School Cleaning Services In Singapore?

Cleaning a school is crucial for several reasons. It helps create a safe and healthy environment for students and staff, reduces the spread of illnesses, improves indoor air quality, and enhances the overall appearance and longevity of school facilities. Regular cleaning also contributes to a positive learning atmosphere and a sense of well-being.

What Areas Are Usually Cleaned In School Cleaning Services?

A professional cleaning service typically cleans various areas and surfaces in a school, including classrooms, hallways, restrooms, gymnasiums, cafeteria, offices, and common areas. They clean and disinfect floors, walls, windows, desks, chairs, restrooms, and other frequently touched surfaces. The specific cleaning tasks may be tailored to the school’s needs and may include dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and sanitising to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

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