Guaranteed Cleaner Show Up On Time, Else Your Next Session Is Free!

Hire The Best Commercial Cleaning Services Company In Singapore Because You Deserve A Clean Environment To Succeed In

Guaranteed Cleaner Show Up On Time, Else Your Next Session Is Free!

Hire The Best Commercial Cleaning Services Company In Singapore Because You Deserve A Clean Environment To Succeed In

Guaranteed Cleaner Show Up On Time, Else Your Next Session Is Free!

Hire The Best Commercial Cleaning Services Company In Singapore Because You Deserve A Clean Environment To Succeed In

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Who we are

#1 Professional Commercial Cleaning Service Provider In Singapore

ESP Cleaning Services is one of Singapore’s most trusted NEA-approved disinfection & commercial cleaning companies in Singapore.

Our service offerings have expanded significantly over the years - from small scale cleaning services to a one-stop cleaning service provider that customers across the island can rely on for a broad range of professional commercial cleaning services.

To date, we’ve had the privilege of working on numerous projects – spanning multiple sectors, including commercial and industrial.

Whether you’re looking for cleaning services in Singapore for your commercial spaces or industrial facilities, you can certainly count on our highly qualified, well-trained and professional cleaning team to bring you the most effective and efficient solutions.

We are more than just a commercial cleaning contractor in Singapore; we are your partners in maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Whether you're seeking office cleaning service for a small business or comprehensive cleaning services in Singapore for a large corporate building, we have the skills, experience, and resources to deliver top-notch results.

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Providing The Highest Standard Of Commercial Cleaning Services In Singapore


As a service-oriented company specialising in commercial cleaning in Singapore, our team of professionals leverages the latest cleaning technology to deliver optimal results for all clients. Driven by the mission to maintain high service standards and quality, we continuously innovate and transform our cleaning methodologies to better serve our customers.

Understanding that every commercial space is unique and has different cleaning requirements, our professional commercial cleaning services are tailored to each client. Be it periodic cleaning or one-off disinfection services, we cater to your needs while recommending the best-fit cleaning solutions based on your space's size, layout, and requirements of your space.

Our commitment to quality doesn't end with our services but it also extends to the customer experience. We believe in maintaining open communication with our clients, ensuring we meet their expectations and adapting our services as their needs change. This personalised approach to professional cleaning services sets us apart as a leading commercial cleaning service provider in Singapore.


Why Choose ESP For Commercial Cleaning Services In Singapore?

Be it post-renovation cleaning or periodic cleaning, quality work and impeccable customer service are at the core of everything we do at ESP Cleaning Services. We go the extra mile to identify your unique needs, ensuring a positive cleaning experience each time you choose to work with us.

As a premier commercial and office cleaning company, we offer various services tailored to your needs. This includes regular office, deep, and even carpet cleaning for a thorough, all-around clean. Whether it's a large office space or a small business premises, our well-trained office cleaners are ready to deliver superior results every time.

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Professionals At Cleaning And Disinfecting

At ESP Cleaning, we understand every cleaning requirement and can create a customised and comprehensive cleaning and disinfection service package to ensure your commercial space is clean and free from any harmful contaminants.


NEA Licenced And Eco-Friendly Company

As a professional cleaning contractor in Singapore, ESP Cleaning utilises state-of-the-art methodologies and premium cleaning supplies that are safe for your commercial space and the environment.

We are also a cleaning contractor in Singapore with the National Environment Agency (NEA) cleaning licence, guaranteeing credibility and reliability.  


Our Team

Our commercial cleaning specialists are industry experts equipped with the relevant knowledge and skillset to carry out the necessary commercial cleaning and disinfection services optimally. Undergoing regular training and NEA courses, they can provide quality cleaning services.

We take pride in offering top-tier office and commercial cleaning services managed by our professional team of office cleaners. All our professional cleaners undergo comprehensive training before they are deployed to ensure they provide the highest level of service. Unlike many others in the cleaning industry, we rely solely on our 100% in-house cleaners and do not hire freelancers.

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Our Professional Commercial Cleaning Company In Singapore Offers The Following Services

ESP Cleaning Services offers a number of benefits for businesses. From improving the appearance of your commercial property to making them more presentable to customers and clients, our commercial cleaning services can help to improve the air quality while reducing the risk of catching health issues. Our services include the following, however, we also offer customised services depending upon your requirements too:


1. Carpet Shampoo Service

Our professional cleaning team offers a comprehensive carpet cleaning service beyond surface cleaning. Our professional office cleaners employ a thorough carpet shampooing method to remove unsightly stains, ensuring no dust, dirt, or germs remain trapped in the carpet fibres. This meticulous approach to cleaning tasks helps promote a cleaner, healthier office environment. Our commitment to service excellence guarantees your satisfaction with the results.


2. Upholstery Cleaning

At ESP Cleaning Services, our office cleaning specialist team also delivers top-notch commercial upholstery cleaning services. We utilise the latest, eco-friendly and chemical-safe products to ensure excellent cleaning without damaging your upholstery.

Whether it involves furniture cleaning or general upholstery maintenance, our team prioritises the longevity of your office furnishings while ensuring a thorough cleaning.


3. Disinfection Services

Our disinfection and sanitation services extend beyond the conventional. We employ methods that effectively eliminate airborne bacteria, germs, and microbes. A full wipe-down of hard surfaces using approved disinfectants also ensures that your office spaces are safe and sanitised. You can rest assured that every nook and corner of your office space receives professional attention.


4. Dishwashing

We offer on-site dishwashing services specially designed for commercial kitchens. Our friendly customer service team coordinates with a team of qualified and trained dishwashers to ensure unrivalled hygiene standards are maintained. We take pride in every cleaning job, no matter how big or small, aiming for optimal customer satisfaction every time.


5. Post-Renovation Cleaning

After any renovation work, our professional team steps in to provide comprehensive post-renovation cleaning services. Our trained crew thoroughly sweeps, vacuums, and wipes down the floors and all hard surfaces, transforming your newly renovated space into a clean and inviting environment.

This service covers all aspects, including intricate toilet cleaning tasks, ensuring your renovated space is ready to use.


6. Periodic Cleaning

Our periodic cleaning services cater to those needing regular commercial space maintenance. This service includes high-area dusting, high-glass cleaning, and air vent cleaning. Our commitment to professional cleaning helps you make a good impression on your clients and promotes a healthier environment for your employees.

Our staff’s public liability insurance and Workman Injury Compensation Insurance coverage can give you peace of mind with every service.

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Which Premises Are Included In Our Commercial Cleaning Services In Singapore?

As a cleaning contractor in Singapore, ESP Cleaning Services offers commercial cleaning services for various premises including factories, fitness centres, offices, MCSTs, nursing homes and preschools.


Cleaning Schedule And Pricing Information

At ESP Cleaning Services, we provide cleaning services at flexible schedules, keeping in mind the time constraints of each business we serve.

In addition, our high-quality commercial cleaning services can be availed of at competitive prices. Request a no obligation quotation for more details on the pricing!


Steps Taken By ESP Cleaning Services For Commercial Cleaning

  1. 1. Contact us via email, call, or WhatsApp for a non-obligation quotation.
  2. 2. Provide us with information about the space to be cleaned and its location.
  3. 3. Share what type of commercial cleaning services you need to obtain a quote within a few hours.
  4. 4. Upon acceptance of the quotation, we will send you further details.


Did You Know?

  1. 1. A treadmill in a gym has 74 times more bacteria than a public bathroom faucet.
  2. 2. On average, a work desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.
  3. 3. Houseflies and blowflies carry more than 600 different bacteria.
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What Our Clients Say About Us

Thanks for doing a good job on the deep cleaning and sanitisation of our office last week. My boss is very satisfied with your service.

- Ms Cindy Yeo, Office Manager- Somerset Capital Singapore Pte Ltd

Service was excellent, feeling blessed that I found you and Annie, Thank You.

- Ms Wenda Lim, Office Manager- Ads Securities Singapore Pte Ltd

Wow, These guys are good. They have done a brilliant job. We will recommend your services in future!

- Mr Kim Boo, Human Resource Director- Portcullis Singapore Pte Ltd

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What Is The Meaning Of Commercial Cleaning Services?

Commercial cleaning services, provided by expert commercial cleaners, play a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness, hygiene, and professionalism of various business environments. These services are essential for businesses, as they ensure a spotless and well-maintained workspace that adheres to health and safety standards while enhancing the workspace's overall ambience.

ESP Cleaning Services, renowned for its team of skilled commercial cleaners, stands out as a leading provider in Singapore. With a strong emphasis on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, ESP Cleaning Services has transformed into a comprehensive range of commercial cleaning services.

This includes meticulous office cleaning, facilitated by their dedicated and trained professionals, available round the clock.

Example Of A Commercial Cleaning Service

An example of a commercial cleaning service involves a range of specialised tasks designed to maintain business premises' cleanliness and aesthetic appeal. These services include:

  • HVAC Duct Cleaning: Improves indoor air quality, which is essential for employee wellness.
  • Carpet Cleaning: Prolong carpet life, maintaining a professional appearance.
  • Drapery & Blinds Cleaning: Removes grime and odours from window coverings.
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning: Ensures commercial tiles retain their shimmer.
  • Area Rug Cleaning: Removes stains and applies protective coatings against future staining.
  • Concrete Cleaning: Brings a new shine to increasingly popular concrete floors.
  • Natural Stone Cleaning: Professionally cleans porous stone surfaces, removing scratches and restoring shine.
  • Furniture Cleaning: Revitalises upholstery, making it look brand new.


What Do Your Commercial Cleaning Services In Singapore Cover?

ESP Cleaning Services provides a broad range of commercial cleaning services. Apart from the standard commercial cleaning, we also offer upholstery cleaning, dishwashing, and more. Our team is happy to customise our service packages with these services to deliver a better experience. Our team will also bring all the necessary equipment and supplies along with them so that your commercial space is kept clean.


What Kind Of Training Do Your Commercial Cleaners Undergo Before Deployment?

Our cleaners undergo comprehensive professional training that equips them with the necessary skills to handle various cleaning tasks. This training includes various aspects of cleaning, such as toilet cleaning, furniture cleaning, and deep cleaning methods. We ensure that our cleaners are well-versed with safety measures, including the usage of personal protective equipment like gloves and masks.


How Do You Guarantee The Quality Of Your Cleaning Services?

Our cleaners undergo comprehensive professional training that equips them with the necessary skills to handle various cleaning tasks. This training includes various aspects of cleaning, such as toilet cleaning, furniture cleaning, and deep cleaning methods. We ensure that our cleaners are well-versed with safety measures, including the usage of personal protective equipment like gloves and masks.


Do You Offer Insurance In Case Of Any Accidental Damages?

Yes, we provide public liability insurance coverage to safeguard against accidental damages during cleaning. This is part of our commitment to ensuring clients a seamless and worry-free experience.


What Measures Do You Take As A Commercial Cleaning Company In Singapore To Ensure Your Cleaners Are Fit for Work?

As a reliable commercial cleaning company in Singapore, we prioritise the health and safety of both our clients and cleaners. Therefore, we perform daily health checks on our cleaners, ensuring they are fit for work and do not exhibit symptoms like fever. This is in line with our commitment to providing safe, reliable, and efficient cleaning services.


How Much Is Professional Commercial Cleaning In Singapore?

The cost of professional commercial cleaning in Singapore varies based on factors such as the size of the premises, frequency of cleaning, and specific services required. At ESP Cleaning Services, we provide customised cleaning solutions for commercial properties. To accommodate your specific needs and budget, we offer a non-obligatory quotation.

How Often Should Offices Be Cleaned?

The frequency of office cleaning depends on several factors, including the size of the office, the number of employees and the type of activities conducted. Generally, common areas like restrooms, kitchens and high-traffic zones should be cleaned daily to maintain hygiene and prevent the spread of germs. Private offices and less frequented areas might require cleaning once a week. However, during times of heightened health concerns, such as flu season or a pandemic, more frequent cleaning and disinfection of all areas is advisable.

How Much Does Office Cleaning Services Cost In Singapore?

The cost of office cleaning services in Singapore varies based on factors such as the size of the office, the frequency of cleaning, and the reputation of the cleaning company. For regular weekly cleaning, prices can range from approximately $475 to $950 for 4 or 8 sessions, each session lasting about 3 to 4 hours. Request a non-obligatory quote now for more details.

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