Post-renovation Cleaning

Nobody wants to spend a ton of money on renovation, only to see how dirty your place is for the first time. Save the hassle of cleaning and take your first step into your home or premise just as how you dreamed it would be. Save time to focus on the fun stuff of organizing and settling in your newly groomed abode. Our professional team at ESP Cleaning Services will help you get your space into a livable condition quickly, so you can enjoy your new home as intended.

Renovation activities generate plenty of dust that can settle and build up on your floor and furniture. The dust can make your new place look old, and may even trigger allergies. Our cleaning crew will clean your place thoroughly, with sweeping, vacuuming, wiping of floors and all hard surfaces.

In addition to regular sweeping, vacuuming and wiping, we will also help you disinfect all hard surfaces. Our experts know when to use a clean, dry cloth and when to use a cleaning agent so that you won’t damage the surfaces.

Clean windows let the light in to brighten up any room. The dust and dirt post-renovation may also damage the window itself. Cleaning windows by yourself may also be a hazard. Our experts know how to clean all kinds of windows, including floor-to ceiling windows and windows in high-rise buildings.

Cleaning your electronics, home appliances as well as decorative items is important as these are high-touch items that may contaminate the rest of the house if uncleaned. Our experts take special care of each individual item to ensure that they are properly cleaned without damage.

During any renovation, the bathroom and kitchen are two areas that would be used for renovation workers. We will proceed to disinfect and clean your bathrooms and kitchens thoroughly, such that they are as good as new.

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