A Comprehensive Guide on Office Cleaning

For most of us, the office is our second home, and a clean, organized office enhances our productivity as well. A clean office doesn’t only mean a clean look to the eye, it’s more than that. A clean office means decluttered work desks where you don’t have to waste time searching your keys, papers, and other stuff.  It also ensures a healthy working environment, lessens the chance of getting infected, gives mental relaxation, and enriches the efficiency of employees.

For those who are looking for detailed information to keep their office clean, this article will surely help? Here is a Comprehensive Guide on Office Cleaning:

You need to divide your office cleaning into separate parts. Divide it into daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, and monthly cleaning to keep your office healthy as well as welcoming.

Here are the places that need daily cleaning in your office

  • Kitchen; use a good disinfectant for your kitchen and wipe down all your kitchen surfaces with it. Wash sinks, load and run the dishwashers, and clean the kitchen tiles with a wet mop at regular intervals.
  • Common areas; clear clutter and wipe down commonly used table chairs thoroughly, clean the carpets and rugs through vacuum cleaning of the common areas.
  • Desk and private chambers; dust regularly the monitor & other computer accessories like keyboard-mouse etc, wipe down desk and phones with disinfectant, vacuum clean the floor.
  • Bathrooms; clean the sinks, counters, paper towel holders, and hand dryers with disinfectant spray and microfiber towel, thoroughly clean toilets and urinals, mop floors, and try to keep it dry, restock bathroom stationery like soap-toilet paper-hand towel, etc.
  • Other areas of office; sweep and mop the floor, clean the bins regularly, vacuum rugs & carpets.

These are the places that need regular attention in offices. Now let’s check out the place that needs weekly care

  • Kitchen; use cleaners to shine stainless steel surfaces, cleaning the fridge, and taking out old food items, cleaning baseboards, disinfecting the outer part of trash bins.
  • Common areas; clean the glass walls, doors, windows, and door nobs weekly. Vents, handrails, windows, picture frames, blinds, shelves need to be dusted and wiped every week.
  • Conference areas; glass walls, windows, and doors needed to be cleaned weekly in conference rooms.

These are the cleaning process an office needs to take care of weekly. Let’s take a look over what are the monthly cleaning checklists of an office?

  • Deep clean your tiles and grouts of the kitchen area every month…
  • Vacuum and dust high surfaces of your common areas, fans thoroughly of your common areas…
  • Clean upholstery…
  • Polish your hard-wood floors of your offices, and deep clean other floor areas as well…
  • Shred and discard any outdated, sensitive documents to keep your work desk decluttered…
  • Deep clean carpets of the whole office…
  • Deep clean your tiles and grouts of the bathroom as well…  

These are the check-list for cleaning your office thoroughly. We hope this comprehensive guide on office cleaning will help you plan your office clean process. We always suggest hiring a professional cleaning company to keep your workspace clean, organized, and well-maintained.

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