Easy Methods to Clean Your Carpet

A carpet is a great addition to any office to enhance its aesthetic, but keeping it clean and tidy can be tough. Taking care of your rug and carpet at home and taking care of the same in commercial properties is a lot different. Most of the professional people in Singapore spend more than 8 hours in the office, and the carpets get used by more people in office premises compared to a house.

So, it needs more regular and intense care than your carpets at your home need.  If you won’t be careful about your carpets, it may get damaged soon, and replacing a whole carpet in commercial areas can be highly expensive. So, daily care will help you reducing money on keeping your carpet changed.

Here are some easy methods to clean your carpets and maintain them on your office premises:

Vacuum your carpets daily- this is the prime tip for your carpets used in your office premises. Especially the carpets that are in used common areas that are frequently used need daily attention. You can vacuum the carpets that are in personal office space or less used meeting areas in 2-3 days.

Daily vacuuming the carpets of your office will not allow the dirt from being stomped into the carpet that became harsh to remove after a few days. Every day in the morning or at night after the employees left your cleaning team should clean every inch of your carpet with a vacuum cleaner to make it clean. It will make your carpets long run.

Remove spills and stains quickly- don’t leave tea, coffee, or any grime on your carpets for longer. If anyone spills any food or drink over the carpet, ask your cleaner to treat the spot quickly. You can keep vinegar, baking soda, ammonia in stock to do an effective treatment of the stain once the spill occurs.

Don’t wait to clean until carpet is visibly dirty– sometimes being a facility manager, you have a lot of responsibility, and you tend to ignore carpets until it looks ugly. We advise you not to dot the mistake of ignoring carpets until they look dirty. It may get hard for you to get it clean properly after it started looking dirty as it holds specks of dirt and grime for a longer time. Carpets of an office is a pricey affair, so it needed extra care to make it last longer.

Regular deep cleans- it can be done every 5 to 6 months depending upon how dirty is your carpet. You need an expert’s help, so hiring a good professional cleaning service will do the proper cleaning of your carpet. They have various methods to do it like; steam carpet clean, dry-cleaning carpets, or hot-water extraction to rid of dirt from your carpets. Water damage, tough stains, and sensitive fabrics are well treated by these professional cleaners.

These are some of the tricks that will help you keep your commercial premise’s carpets clean, and enhance its longevity.

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