5 Myths About Disinfection Busted

Disinfection is becoming an increasingly important part of cleaning, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Unfortunately, there are some myths about disinfection that have been perpetuated over time, leading people to make assumptions about cleaning and disinfecting that just aren’t true. In this article, we’ll be busting some of these common myths surrounding cleaning and disinfection so you can make sure that when you engage in the services of a cleaning contractor in Singapore, they are providing quality commercial cleaning services with a thorough approach to disinfection. 

1. Cleaning and Disinfecting are Same

When it comes to the topic of disinfection, there is a common myth about cleaning and disinfecting being the same. This misconception assumes that they are interchangeable, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Cleaning simply removes dirt, dust and other debris from surfaces by dusting, washing, vacuuming, and the like. Disinfection, on the other hand, focuses on killing germs present on hard surfaces. When used correctly, disinfectants can destroy the cell walls of microbes like viruses, bacteria and fungi — which effectively renders them harmless. 

So if you’re looking for extra protection from germs and pathogens, then engaging professional disinfection services in Singapore is definitely worth it. However, it’s important to remember that regular cleaning is great to reduce the accumulation of dirt and dust, but only disinfecting can protect homes or spaces against harmful microorganisms. Don’t make the mistake of thinking these two things are the same — bust this myth about disinfection by getting help from professionals who know exactly how to keep your space safe and clean.

2. All Disinfectants are Equal

The truth is that not all cleaning agents are created equal. Some cleaning agents may work better on certain surfaces than others, or some cleaning agents may be more effective only against specific variants of germs, bacteria or viruses. So make sure you know what type of cleaning agent is ideal for your needs and wants, or better yet, let your cleaning contractor or other commercial cleaning service provider in Singapore assess your space and apply the most effective and appropriate cleaning agent.  

3. Disinfectants Work Instantly

The answer to this question lies in the science behind disinfection. Disinfectants are a type of chemical that kills microorganisms and viruses on contact, but they take time to do so. It is commonly believed that you can spray a surface with a disinfectant and it works instantly, even if there are still visible signs of contamination. It’s time to correct this belief: in reality, surface disinfection requires some time for the product to be effective. 

For example, most products need up to 10 minutes of contact time for them to work properly against bacteria or viruses. So when you hire disinfection services in Singapore, it’s important to allow enough time for these chemicals to kill everything before wiping down surfaces and assuming that the space is free from harmful pathogens.

4. All Disinfectants are Toxic

Did you know that all disinfectants are not necessarily toxic? While it is true that many types of commonly used disinfectants can be toxic if not used properly, there are also many non-toxic disinfection products on the market today. In fact, as one of the leading disinfection service providers and cleaning contractors in Singapore, ESP Cleaning Services uses eco-friendly, effective and non-toxic disinfection products to keep your home or business clean and healthy. 

The myth about all disinfectants being toxic stems from the misunderstanding of the properties of certain types of industrial-strength chemicals used in some commercial and institutional settings. These powerful chemicals can make disinfecting quicker but they come with serious health risks when used incorrectly. These industrial strength chemicals aside, most everyday household cleaners don’t contain such strong chemicals. Also, there are eco-friendly variants of industrial-grade disinfectants that commercial cleaning service providers use. These products are safe for people and pets when used properly, while simultaneously being effective at killing bacteria and preventing the spread of germs.

5. Sanitising is the Same as Disinfecting

Many of us think that sanitising and disinfecting are the same thing, but this is not true. Sanitising is about reducing the number of pathogenic bacteria present on a surface to safe levels, whereas disinfecting is about completely killing them. 

Sanitising doesn’t guarantee that all germs have been eliminated from an area; it is often only a short-term solution. Disinfecting does more than reduce the germ count; it kills all microorganisms present in an area, thereby preventing the spread of illnesses or infections caused by them. 

Get Assurance of Quality Disinfection with ESP Cleaning

By understanding these five myths about cleaning and disinfection, you can feel more confident that your cleaning contractor in Singapore is providing quality services with a thorough approach to disinfection. With ESP Cleaning handling your commercial, residential and industrial cleaning needs, your mind will be at ease knowing you are in good hands with our service-oriented and eco-friendly approach. 

Whether you need periodic cleaning of your home or looking for thorough office disinfection services in Singapore, ESP Cleaning has got you covered. Contact us today if you need cleaning and disinfection services, so your space stays healthy and germ-free!

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