What’s The Difference Between Cleaning And Disinfecting?

Cleaning has always been important, but in the wake of the pandemic, it’s even more crucial to maintaining a healthy workspace or office than ever. On top of cleaning the furniture and surfaces, disinfecting them is equally essential to avoid any pathogens from spreading. 

Many commercial areas such as factories, fitness centres, nursing homes and offices, witness heavy traffic regularly and require thorough cleaning and disinfecting to keep visitors safe from getting infected.

However, some people tend to get confused between cleaning and disinfecting, considering them the same. In reality, both processes have distinct differences between them. This article will explain how cleaning and disinfecting differ and which areas in your commercial space need to be cleaned or disinfected.

Cleaning Vs. Disinfecting

Cleaning is the process of removing dirt, dust, and debris from surfaces. This can be done using soap and water or with specialised cleaning products. Removing contaminated materials and substances will allow the chemical products to achieve sufficient contact with the surface during the disinfection process. Doing so makes the area visibly clean and prepares it for deeper cleaning. 

However, cleaning alone may not necessarily kill all germs on a surface and germs that were not removed during the cleaning process may continue to spread. Hence, disinfection is needed to thoroughly kill all germs on surfaces. Disinfection is usually done using harsher chemicals such as bleach or alcohol. It is important to note that disinfectants do not clean larger debris from surfaces; hence, they should only be used after cleaning.

To maximise the effectiveness of the cleaning and disinfecting process, the proper process should be followed:

  1. Remove all debris, solid waste, or rubbish using a broom, shovel, or scraper. Cleaning as much solid waste as possible in the first step will reduce the time needed for the remaining steps.
  2. Wash the area thoroughly with water and/or a cleaning agent or detergent to remove the remaining dust, organic matter, and microorganisms present in the environment.
  3. Once the surface and surrounding area are completely cleaned, apply disinfectants to control, prevent or destroy microbes on inanimate objects or surfaces. Follow the specific instructions of the disinfectant product, and wipe it off after the recommended time.

Which Surfaces Need Cleaning and Disinfecting?

There is no doubt that both cleaning and disinfecting are crucial to keeping a workplace or commercial area free from microorganisms and contaminants that can pose a serious risk to people’s well-being. Maintaining a sanitary environment can also ensure a reduction in workplace absenteeism.

Whether an area within your commercial building needs cleaning or disinfecting depends on factors such as what is carried out at the facility or industry-related requirements. Commercial premises that witness huge and regular amounts of foot traffic, such as offices, warehouses, childcare centres, clinics, preschools, dormitories, and hotels, should not only be cleaned but also disinfected regularly to completely eliminate airborne bacteria, germs, and microbes.

Cleaning should be done regularly for all surfaces, floors, and large furniture pieces where possible. It is also best to disinfect high-touch surfaces such as door handles, doorknobs, handrails, light switches, soap dispensers, chair handles, or desks throughout the day or on a regular schedule. 

Do note that you can clean without disinfecting, but you cannot disinfect without cleaning. If you do not need to kill and remove germs, then there is no need to disinfect.

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