How to Clean Your Carpet and Keep it Pristine?

Carpets are an easy way to add warmth, comfort, and a unique design spin to any home. If you plan to include carpets into your interior design you should also ensure that they are cleaned regularly to keep them looking their best. Not only will this prolong the life of your carpet, but it will also keep it looking pristine. 

So how exactly do you clean a carpet effectively? While the best  way of upkeeping your carpetry is by hiring professional commercial cleaning services, the cost of these services means most households in Singapore are only able to invite a professional team in 1 to 2 times a year. 

In Between those professional visits, here are several carpet cleaning tips you can undertake to help your carpet survive for years to come:

1. Keep Shoes Out Of The House

It is pretty common in Singapore not to wear shoes or any footwear inside the house. However from time to time your mind might slip up and forget, such as when you need to dash back into the house in a hurry to grab something you forgot. To ensure that you maintain the pristine condition of your carpet, here are some tips on how to clean and maintain it:

  • Put a rug or mat at every entrance to your home 
  • Make it a rule that everyone takes their shoes off when they enter the house 
  • If you have young children, consider getting them slippers or socks they can wear inside the house

2. Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming your carpet is one of the ways of how you can clean your carpet to maintain its cleanliness and pristine look. Here are a few tips on how to vacuum your carpet:

  • Make sure you have the right vacuum for the job that can reach between the carpet fibres
  • Vacuum your carpet regularly, at least once every two weeks if possible
  • Use the right vacuum setting to suit the pile and material of your carpet
  • Be careful around edges and corners to avoid fraying or damaging your carpet

3. Shampoo The Carpet

On top of vacuuming your carpet, shampooing your carpet is the best way to keep it looking its best and to protect your family from harmful allergens and bacteria. While vacuuming can ensure that large pieces of dirt, debris, and dust are taken care of, shampooing will help clean and disinfect your carpet to ensure it’s safe for your whole family.

Choose the right shampoo for your carpet type before beginning the cleaning process. This may depend on the material your carpet is made of, or if you are trying to tackle specific spills and stains on the fabric. If you are having trouble shampooing your carpet on your own, you can also engage a commercial cleaning company in Singapore such as ESP Cleaning which provides professional carpet shampooing services.

4. Clean Spills Immediately

Carpet spills are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean they have to ruin your carpet. Acting quickly can help minimise the damage so that you don’t need to hire professional commercial carpet cleaning services to deal with stubborn stains.

For water-based spills like coffee or juice, start by blotting up as much liquid as possible with a clean, dry cloth, before scrubbing it with a mixture of water and vinegar. For grease or oil spills, sprinkle some baking soda on the area and let it sit for 15 minutes before vacuuming.

5. Rearrange The Furniture

Knowing how to clean your carpet also means knowing how to deal with the furniture around it. If you have furniture on or around the carpet, it is important to rearrange them before any cleaning process begins. This ensures that the carpet is thoroughly cleaned as you can reach every inch of it. Moving the furniture around will also give you better access to all the areas of the carpet that are typically hidden from view so you can look out for any damages that need to be fixed.

If part of your carpet has been damaged by mould or potentially contaminated by diseases and illnesses, a professional disinfection service might need to be hired to ensure it is rendered completely free from germs. Get in touch with our team in Singapore for more information on our commercial cleaning and disinfection services.

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It’s no secret that carpets can be challenging to keep clean. They tend to collect dirt, dust and pet hair, and they can also be stained by spills and tracked in mud from outside. While these simple tips can help you with daily maintenance of your carpets, it is also important to have your carpets cleaned by a trusted professional cleaning company here in Singapore at least once a year to ensure a thorough clean.

ESP Cleaning is here for you. We specialise in professional commercial and residential cleaning services here in Singapore, and your carpet is no exemption. Contact us today to learn more about our cleaning and disinfection services.

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